EU ministers agree car approval rules

BRUSSELS: EU ministers agreed on Monday on draft new rules for approving cars for sale in order to prevent a repeat of the Volkswagen emissions scandal and giving the European Commission the power to fine cheating manufacturers directly.
The rules, which still have to be discussed with the European Parliament before becoming law, are a response to the 2015 dieselgate scandal when German carmaker Volkswagen was found to have used software to cheat US diesel emission tests.
Under the present system, national bodies such as Germany’s KBA authority, have the power to clear new vehicles for the whole European Union and can also revoke those licences.
The new rules will allow other national authorities to review such decisions and also give the European Commission the power to carry out spot checks and fine manufacturers up to 30,000 euros per vehicle if they are found to be cheating.
European diplomats had said Germany was reluctant to hand more market surveillance powers to Brussels despite the fallout from the VW scandal. — Reuters