‘Ehsan’ to help fight human trafficking

Muscat, Oct 16 – A national campaign titled ‘Ehsan’ was launched on Monday to raise awareness on human trafficking. The name ‘Ehsan’ is derived from the local culture which believes in mercy, humanity and good treatment. The campaign was launched by Husain bin Ali al Hilali, Attorney-General and Deputy Chairman of the National Committee to Combat Human Trafficking. It was attended by representatives from the ministries of Social Development, Manpower, Foreign Affairs, Royal Oman Police(ROP) and Public Prosecution.
The campaign is expected to play a vital role in motivating society to fight all kinds of human trafficking. Anyone can report human traffic crimes on 80077444, a toll-free number.
The three-month campaign will involve the community in dealing with crimes that contravene society’s values. It will target all categories of people by facilitating reporting methods and spreading awareness in different languages, including Hindi, Indonesian and Bangladeshi.
“The last ten years have witnessed an unprecedented increase in human trafficking crimes, especially sexual exploitation and forced labour,” Al Hilali said.
“Such incidents reflect a regression in society. The world community has recommended awareness campaigns and legislations to combat them,” he said.
According to Al Hilali, help must be extended to the victims through social and psychological rehabilitation, “rebuilding self-esteem” and protecting them from any kind of violence in the future.
The National Committee to Combat Human Trafficking was established as per a Royal Decree no 126/2008 issued on November 23, 2008, chaired by Sayyid Bader bin Hamed al Busaidi, Secretary-General of Foreign Affairs.

Zainab al Nassri