Egyptian artist explores varied feelings on canvas

Her deep sense of commitment for volunteerism speaks volume about her.
She has sensitivity and passion for noble causes, civil rights and social action, science and technology along with arts and culture and it is this same sensitivity and passion that has led Amal Ezzat, an Egyptian artist in the country, to be able to fully explore her feelings for the Sultanate and convert it all as visual art.
Her name has not yet reach the ear of many of the country’s art aficionado. But this emerging artist has started collecting feathers on her cap bringing home an honours award in the 20th Annual Youth Art Exhibition held at the Oman Society for Fine Arts (OSFA) recently.
On September 12 at 7pm, art lovers and enthusiasts who haven’t met her yet will soon get acquainted with Amal as her works take centre stage at an exhibition held at the Centre Franco-Omanais in association with the French Embassy.
Held under the patronage of Sabry Magdy Sabri, Ambassador of Egypt to the Sultanate of Oman and Jean- Paul Ghoneim, Charge d’Affaires, ‘Endless- Abstract feelings’, the one of a kind exhibition will feature Amal’s experiments on a diverse range of mediums that include sketches, acrylic on wood, and acrylic on canvas.
“Endless Abstract Feelings is my collection of works on different mediums over a period of time and these works speak for me, how I feel, how I interact and perceive things. They also reflect how I value feelings in life,” Amal said.
“I always look forward to a career that helps me to reach my goal of being a real artist, I have a dream of success and I want to prove that I can reach it,” she added.
Amal graduated from Alexandria University with a degree in Information Technology. She holds a Master’s degree in ‘Visual Media as Contemporary Alternatives in Mural Paintings’ and also earned a Doctorate in Philosophy (PhD) with special attention to mural paintings.
She believes in commitment to the society and doesn’t spare any stones unturned in volunteering for causes she believes.
“An artist is committed to the society and is responsible for the smallest changes around. He or she has no life apart from the society,” she said.

Kabeer Yousuf