EgyptAir makes emergency landing in Muscat

An EgyptAir flight had to return to Muscat 30 minutes after takeoff following an emergency. The airline denied speculative reports that were floated in a section of the media about the incident.

Several media platforms, including an international news agency, earlier gave a different version about the incident .

Meanwhile, Oman Airports Management Company (OAMC) in a statement said that the Egyptian flight MS931 returned to the airport after taking off about half an hour after leaving Muscat International Airport on Tuesday at 5:15am.

The airline decided to return to Muscat Airport because of the health condition of one of the passengers on the plane, which requires the crew of the aircraft according to international rules and regulations to return to the airport in order to ensure the health and safety of passengers.

The company denied speculative reports and confirmed that that the crew and all passengers began their journey after the patient disembarked from the plane.

The company said it will take necessary legal procedures in coordination with the official authorities to investigate the source of those rumors.

A passenger on an EgyptAir flight from the Gulf state of Oman to Cairo assaulted crew members on Tuesday but was quickly overpowered and handed over to authorities, earlier reports said.

The passenger was wrestled down by the flight’s crew members, and the chief cabin steward was slightly injured in the head during the scuffle, the report said.