Dust storms likely in Dhofar and Al Wusta

Muscat, July 4 – The Met Office has warned against dust storm in the desert and open areas of Dhofar and Al Wusta governorates on Thursday and Friday. South-western winds with speeds of 20-25 knots are likely to be the cause.
It has warned of a rough sea on the Arabian Sea coast, strong downdraft wind during thunderstorms and poor visibility during fog formation.
Meanwhile, slight to moderate rains were reported in some parts of the governorates of Al Sharqiyah and Al Dakhiliyah.
There are chances of convective clouds development with isolated rain and occasional thunderstorms over Al Hajar Mountains towards afternoon.
On Friday, Dhofar is likely to experience cloudy skies along the coastal areas and adjoining mountains with intermittent drizzle, according to the Met Office.
The rest of the Sultanate will see clear skies with chances of low-level clouds or fog patches along the coastal areas of Arabian Sea during late night to early morning.
Along the coastal areas of Oman Sea, winds will be variable light at night and northeasterly light to moderate during the day. Along the coastal areas of Arabian Sea and the governorates of Dhofar and Al Wusta, winds will be southwesterly moderate to fresh and over rest of the Sultanate they will be southeasterly light to moderate.
Sea is expected to be rough along the coastal areas of Arabian Sea with a maximum wave height of four metres and 1.25 metres along the rest of the coastal areas. Humidity is expected to range between 40 per cent and 85 per cent in Muscat and 80 per cent and 95 per cent in Salalah.

Lakshmi Kothaneth

— Pictures: @weatherOmanya