Dreams a reminder of where you want to be

I dreamt I was driven in a car by a beautiful peacock on a road littered by flowers, flanked by a series of rose gardens on one side and a meandering river on the other. I felt completely relaxed in a journey, neither I could explain its purpose nor its objectives. The surprising thing is that the dream is vivid, and it lingered in my mind days later. The peacock was like a phantom of grace but unobtrusive with the waves of my sleep. The drive took many unfamiliar routes and I let myself drawn into the excitements. We went through old castles, long stretches of beaches and to the point where the clouds touched the hilltops.
At one time, the car turned into a carriage pulled by four horses with long plumes on their ears. The peacock had a golden whip to urge them on. But even in my dreams, I knew it was not real that I would wake up and find myself in my bed. How the colourful bird entered the channels of my dream is a question I am still trying to find the answer. I still cannot find any logic explanation except that dreams are sometimes an escape route whose exit is at the back of our minds.
There could be many dark areas in our thoughts that need some lights to find solutions. Dreams are nothing but a call for help where answers are trying to force themselves in the rear entrance of our subconscious. In that explanation, the beautiful peacock who took charge of my car was driving me to places that I would normally not go to. Perhaps the dream was like a “whip” urging me to go back to the track I should be.
In a better explanation, there are many analogies of beautiful peacocks that lay in disguise in our daily routine but we fail to notice them.
They lay in hiding in the shadows of our busy schedules because we push them into the background refusing to acknowledge them. They resurface in our dreams in the least unexpected ways.
Dreams, in my opinion, are a correction mode without really being intrusive. Such dreams are also a gentle reminder of where you want to be, not where you should be. There is a difference between the two.
Very few people would make an attempt to analyse their dreams in public in fear it would expose themselves in a bad light. However, most of us don’t even realise that they mean anything at all. If you would have noticed, most of the dreams are forgettable. But the few which are memorable, in my personal assumptions, deserve a thorough analysis.
At best, what goes vividly in your sleep in the middle of the night, is very therapeutic.
You would not need a therapist and pay for expensive sittings to go through your life. You get the review of it in the comfort of your own bed. How you interpret it, is entirely a different matter.
For the record, I would not make any attempt to make my dreams public and how they are related in real life. However, I usually make my own private interpretation to adjust myself on the right path.
Whether people would agree or not, a variety of emotions, when suppressed, always find another channel to force their attention. The safest channel is to dream away what you have been pushing into the background during the daytime.
I may exaggerate it a little bit but still convinced in some degree, many of the violent outbursts we sometimes exhibit is a way to channel out our disappointments. But in dreams, we do exactly just that but in a peaceful and pleasant way.
So next time you had a vivid dream that lasts several days in you, you should know that you have something that demands your attention. It was a wake-up call to sort out your concerns in a peaceful way.

Saleh Al Shaibany