Dhofar Municipality’s priority is restoration, beautification

Salalah, June 24 – The Dhofar Municipality has a twin objective this season: restoration and beautification. With the Khareef season having started, officials of the civic body claim all steps have been taken to achieve their goals. The dates for the annual extravaganza, called Salalah Tourism Festival (STF), are to be announced anytime soon. Along with the removal of debris collected due to adverse weather conditions in the last week of May, Dhofar Municipality has taken up the task of maintenance of internal roads, lights and signages that had got damaged in several parts of Salalah city, Mirbat, Rakhyout, Dhalkout, etc.
While almost all roads damaged by the adverse weather conditions have been fixed, the permanent restoration, including laying of asphalt, is on at several places.
The roads and lighting department of the municipality carried out work on second layering of asphalt near and adjoining links of Al Nahda Tower. It also took up the task of installing ‘cat’s eye’ signages indicating road lanes and bylanes on Al Farouk Street to restore lane visibility and reduce the danger of accidents.
“Asphalting of roads in Ain Garziz and Wadi Samar near Lulu Hypermarket has been completed, while the work is still on at Sultan Qaboos Street,” said an official from the roads and lighting department.
Keeping in mind the ongoing preparations for Salalah Tourism Festival, the civic authority has started removing dirt and rubble from Itin area. Many workers were seen removing dirt and fallen trees from the Almorog Theatre area.
Similarly, fixing of cables and streetlight poles on Montazah Street in Salalah and Dhalkout is also on.
The official reiterated the municipality’s commitment to fix accessibility issues at all places and locations leading to the tourist attractions. Those areas are on the priority list of the municipality.
All kinds of obstructions have been removed from places like Qairun Heriti, Zik, Hajjif, Alassan, Ghado and Titam, while the maintenance of cables, drains and electric poles is on.
The interior municipality of Mirbat has successfully removed dirt and debris from roads, lanes and bylanes. Rubble has been removed and anti-insect spray administered in swampy areas. Maintenance works are on at all public facilities.
Intensive cleaning operations are on in Rakhyout, one of the worst-hit by Cyclone Mekunu. There are several places between Rakhyout and Dhalkout that were inundated. The municipality’s focus is to make these places presentable to Khareef visitors.

Kaushalendra Singh