Dare to wear red this winter

From the catwalk to the sidewalk, its time to step into colour and add a little danger to our closets even if it is just a pair of shoes or a scarf.
The hot new trend this autumn and winter is about to hit us by storm – from top to bottom – either it be in clothes, shoes, hair dyes or make up. From chunky knits, patterned tights and billowing skirts, let us serenade ourselves this season with the famous classics and adorn oneself in our favourite shade of red.
There is much debate in the colour analysis world over this hue but I am firmly of the belief that there is a shade to suit every lady. From deep tomato red to orange mango and dark berry, there is much more to the science of this shade than we would expect.
Red is the longest in wavelength on the electromagnetic spectrum so it hits our eyes and brains faster than any other hue which is why it’s the chosen colour for traffic stop signs and referred to as the colour of danger.
I know you can tell that information like that is too good to be coming from me and the truth is, I have to acknowledge my good friend Sarah for it.
Apparently this colour has physiological effects on our bodies, causing our heart rates to speed up when we see it. Hence why it is also referred to as the colour of passion. Nothing like a little red number to stimulate the senses.
However, it is not the most flattering colour on all skin tones. You must be very careful that you wear the right shade of red that complements your natural complexion. Otherwise it can very easily overpower you and get you noticed for all the wrong reasons.
Whilst red is a neutral colour by origin, there are warm reds, cool reds, bright reds, sot reds, light reds and dark reds. When beauty columns take about the perfect red lip they are generally talking about the brighter, more vibrant variety. Take some time to consider your own complexion and what is going to look best on you – don’t be influenced. Look at yourself in the mirror.
Sarah says if you have deep dark eyes and chestnut brown hair then a berry red would work best for you. If you have greyish blue eyes and dark blonder hair, a softer shade of red will do you fine. You would have to take a good look of yourself in the mirror and see for yourself what suits you best. The bottom line to it is to be brave when it comes to red these next few seasons. It’s the ‘in’ colour – so wear it and be confident however you wear it!

Sayeh Woodman