Dabba gets highest rainfall

Muscat: The highest rainfall of 99 mm was received in the willayat of Dabba in the governorate of Musandam during last two days.

According to rain monitoring stations under the Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources, Rustaq in South Batinah recorded 80 mm rainfall during the two days from April 12 to 14. This was followed by Nizwa in Dakhiliya with 79 mm, Ibri in Dhahira with 70 m), in Mudhaibi in North Sharqia with 52 mm. In Muscat, Amerat recorded 44 mm, Shinas 31 mm and Buraimi 14 mm rainfall.

Meanwhile, Al Khab Al Shamsi Dam in Dabba has been filled with 2.8 million cubic metres of water and Khasab with 3.8 million cubic metres of water. Wadi Ghul Dam in Hamra received 0.45 million cubic metres, and Imtai Dam in Izki  0.0625 million metres.

Others are as follows: (0.6 million cubic metres) of water was seized in Al Taw Dam in Barka, 1.424 in Bani Kharoos Dam, 0.5 million cubic metres in Ibri, 0.628 million cubic metres in Tanuf Dam and 7.12 million cubic metres in wadi Al Maawil Dam.

At the same time,  a number of wadis flow heavily in Dhahira like Al Hajar, Al Kabeer, Miqnyat, Kahnat, Al Buwaidha, Al Bana, Al Rafash, Al Amd and Wadi Feda in Dhank. In Al Dakhiliya, wadis like Ghul, Al Maheh, Al Sileel, Al Muaiden, Al Musila, Sint, Al Koor flow heavily.