Customs clearance process at ports top class

Ports, as one of the most important means of transport, play a big role in the growth of an economy. It has huge socio-economic benefits which can clearly be seen in growth of the national economy of any country. The facilities at these ports should match the volume of economic and commercial activities, including import and export. The speed with which Customs are cleared, related formalities and procedures are completed and goods are released is also one of the major elements of a successful port on which its quality is judged.
In the ports of the Sultanate of Oman, the Directorate-General of Customs of the Royal Oman Police is making huge efforts in providing these services. On all Customs windows, the work is underway round the clock. The volume of job the directorate is handling at the port of Suhar for clearance and release of goods is unprecedented. These are the achievements made in the service of the business community and the corporate sector of the country.
The work of the Directorate-General of Customs has become round the clock. It is a major development which shows the volume of economic activities in the country. It also shows the firm resolve and sincerity of the directorate in serving the business community and corporate sector. It is making all efforts for highest level achievements and setting an example for all other similar sectors which need speedy accomplishment of jobs as their primary requirement.
There is no doubt the Sultanate has successfully completed developing a chain of major ports such as ports of Sohar, Salalah and Duqm. They are the largest ports in the region. These are the ports which are the main gateway for economic development in any country, provided they have matching facilities for clearance of goods. There is efficiency and speed in the completion of clearance procedures. For the purpose, most modern and advanced electronic systems of international standards are used.
The efforts made by the Directorate-General of Customs to speed up the process of clearance have helped avoid many problems at Sohar Port. All these commercial activities, including import and export work, was moved from the Sultan Qaboos Port to Sohar Port recently.
The way the Directorate-General of Customs carries out its work helps in promoting economic development and encourages investments as it is practising and adopting mechanisms of international trade. It has reduced illegal trade activities, combated commercial fraud and smuggling, and created an environment which is supported by the knowledge and professional excellence in its work. It has also moved to electronic work culture.
With all these efforts and improvements, the Directorate-General of Customs wanted to provide better services and facilities to the corporate and industrial sector. The aim of these efforts was that all should get the benefit of improvement in the quality of Customs services. It has made clearance, loading and unloading very easy.
These efforts have also made Omani ports attractive. These improvements show that the government has always been willing to develop facilities which are helpful for the national economy, support import and export and let the market benefit from it directly. These efforts made by the Customs not only benefits economy, but also national security.
The efforts to develop and improve Customs’ department work will continue in consistence with the global requirements and serve interests of the business community. The windows of Customs are open 24×7 for completion of the procedures and clearance of goods.
We hope the efforts of the Directorate-General of Customs will lead to a huge success. It will continue to improve its work environment, which undoubtedly contributes to increasing the value added to the sea, air and land facilities.
It will continue to use advanced systems of clearing the procedures of goods and commodities of various kinds. It has efficiency in its work which can be an example for all other vital facilities in the country.