Crossing the African continent solo on a bike

The African continent is the second-largest continent in the world covering an area of 30.2 million square kilometres. Simply put, it covers 6 per cent of Earth’s total surface.
The numbers alone and the distance one has to travel is already mind boggling, but to Maher al Barwani, he is ready to conquer great distance in order to break records.
This Omani who has passion not only for biking but pushing his limits is all geared up for his July 22 launching, a day short of the Sultanate’s commemoration of Renaissance Day held every July 23.
Although not necessarily falling on the Renaissance Day, the biker dedicates his adventure to Oman’s special day. On the 22nd, with various motorcycle clubs represented at the event, Al Barwani will conduct the launching at Muscat Grand Mall at 5pm.
A display of different bikes will begin on Thursday, July 20, 2017 and the full stretch of his journey will commence in Nizwa on July 23, 2017.
Al Barwani’s goal is ambitious. He plans to travel the whole African continent, aiming to be to the first Omani to do so as an individual biker.
“So far there is no record of any Arab who has crossed the whole of the African continent on a bike. The message I want to convey is of good relations between countries and road safety – a message His Majesty Sultan Qaboos has always emphasized upon,” Al Barwani said.
“I would like to spread the message of safety on the road by also using the right safety gears. I will be meeting and visiting different motorcycle clubs and this is the message I will be bringing along with me,” he added.
During the journey, Maher will be crossing 46 countries and with the whole trip taking about four months to complete.
Maher is supported by his family, friends, member of different motorcycle clubs and private individuals. A few of his safety gears were courtesy of the supporting unit. Although he wishes to have gotten official support for all aspects of the journey, Maher’s excitement is in full blast and he hopes the journey will work out as planned.
Maher will be riding his BMW F800GS covering a distance of about 50,000 km. The solo rider is looking forward to hearing from the people in Oman on their knowledge of the countries he would be visiting. He will be crossing to the African Continent via GCC countries and Jordan.
The bike rider also aspires to revive the glory of ancestors in travelling.
“I have completed many trips but I realize this is going to be tougher than all because of the terrain of the African land,” explained Maher.
Maher will travel from Nizwa to Ibri and then onto UAE on July 23. 2017. Motorbike enthusiasts and others interested about his journey can follow him on @maheralbarwani.