Crackdown on illegal speed-breakers

Close on the heels of warnings issued by the Muscat Municipality, authorities have started demolishing illegal constructions and speed-breakers in different parts of the city.
While a property in southern Maabela was demolished following a court order, a number of speed-breakers in Al Hail were removed by the civic officials.
“The municipality will continue with demolitions of all illegal constructions, including unauthorised speed-breakers,” said a statement from the civic body.
According to the statement, the building was demolished as it was being used for commercial activities without permission.
“This was against the municipality law, hence it was demolished,” said the online statement. Similarly, many speed-breakers were removed following complaints that they were erected without approval.
Last week, the Observer published a report that construction of speed-breakers by individuals or companies on roads in front of their residences or offices was on the rise in some parts of the city.
Responding to the report, a senior official at the municipality said such actions not only cause financial losses, but also deprive the people of the facilities.
“It is a crime. Strict action will be taken against those indulging in destroying public properties,” he told Observer.
He said if the authorities find any speed-breaker erected without permission, they will not only be removed but also the violators will be fined RO 500.
According to Article 2 of civic order 32/97 on the Protection of Public Utilities of the Muscat Municipality, it is prohibited to damage municipal facilities, equipment and supplies, whether by tampering, cracking or sabotaging.
These include, irrigation systems and water connections, toilet supplies and connections, electricity meters, water and telephone lines, chairs, umbrellas, games and lighting, parks, squares, public squares, streets, address boards and any other belongings of the municipality.