Cooler temperatures set in Oman

Lakshmi Kothaneth

The northwesterly wind continued to blow after many parts in the coastal part of Oman Sea after the morning rains due to the trough of low pressure.
The temperature is supposed to cool down according to the weather forecaster, “In the interior the minimum temperature is expected to go below 10 degree Celsius and in the coastal areas below 15 degree Celsius.”
The northwesterly wind will continue until Saturday afternoon and along with it the dust will also continue to rise. The strong wind also proved complication for flights.
The five weather stations of Oman Met Office of Public Authority for Civil Aviation recorded 10.6 mm rain in Diba, 7.6 mm in Khasab, 6.2 mm Bukha and 3.2 mm in Buraimi.
There is a chance of low clouds and drizzle tomorrow morning. The coolest place in Oman was Jabal Shams that recorded a maximum of 12 degrees Celsius and a minimum of 5 degrees Celsius.
The weather advisory warns dust, sandstorm in Fahud, Qarn Alam, Yaaloni, Thumrait, Marmul, Qairoon, Hairti, Haima, Mhout, Zamaim, Sadah, Muqshin, Al Mazunh.