Consultant to study new role for MSM

Steps are afoot to convert Muscat Securities Market (MSM) into a company under the State General Reserve Fund (SGRF). Consultants have been appointed for its evaluation. Speaking on the sidelines of the Muscat Securities Market Forum, Ahmed bin Salih al Marhoon, Director-General of MSM, said: “Steps to convert the stock market into a company are going on as planned”. The board of directors of Capital Market Authority (CMA) agreed to the move recently, which will see the stock market converted into a company under SGRF before it is listed for public subscription. “I don’t think there will be any obstacles to the process,” Al Marhoon said, adding the “decision has been taken and there is no going back”. Al Marhoon said that the forum is evolving year after year, as it comes in its new shape with participation by student projects, in addition to creating an interactive awareness area with programmes and activities of the forum and the launching of the Bourse Game for the first time.

Rahma al Kalbaniyah