More cleaning tricks to try for a spotless home

I’ve written a few articles already about the great clean and vamping-up of your home without the extra costs. You can’t beat more tips though, the list being endless and if I ever come across something new. You should know what I’m like by now, I like to share it with you.
Maybe it’s a cleaning tip you haven’t thought of already, or maybe you’re getting bored of the same old routine of cleaning, that’s why I’m here to keep you entertained!
Cleaning your home should be fun and it can burn loads of calories, so you can get a workout at the same time, which beats packing that gym bag and going to the gym – at the end of the day, you want to put your feet up right?!
If you’re right handed, as silly as this sounds, try using your left hand as this will not only burn more calories, it will also challenge your brain! This is hilarious, it will take you longer to clean, but surely you want cleaning to be fun? If you have children, involve them as well, they will love copying, being silly, following you around and more importantly feeling like they’ve helped you.
When you are feeling down, try a bit cleaning and sorting out. It’s very therapeutic having a clean and sort out. Straightening out the physical aspects of your life can sometimes help to calm you. There are also many tried and tested solutions that you might not know about to help make things easier… all inspired of course by one of my mum meetings with my friends – is it boring that instead of talking about handbags and shoes, we talk about places to visit, workouts and cleaning! And of course the other half! Ha-ha!
Cleaning tips that you may not have thought about….
An effective solution to build up of oven grime – try wiping down the oven when it is still slightly warm. For your hob, use a touch a white spirit to dissolve the built up of grease. Then for the perfect shine buff with baby oil. We leave our ovens to fester, and that’s not the way, we should clean them after every use/meal.
If your child’s plastic toys have become particularly dirty, pop them in the dish washer for a thorough clean. No dishwasher, put them in the microwave in a bowl of water with a drop of washing liquid, this will steam them…no microwave – then it will have to be a hand wash I’m afraid! I tried to cover every basis there!
To keep make up brushes clean – this one we forget, I wouldn’t change mine for ages being honest, or I would just buy a new one when the old one looked old! Not know! You can remove all unwanted makeup, by swirling your brush in a teaspoon of olive oil and washing up liquid. When it comes to a toothbrush apparently you should change this at least every 4 four months!

Sayeh Woodman