Christmas pressies top 5

By Sayeh Woodman — If you’re not like me and put Christmas shopping off until the last minute you’ll know how stressful this month can be.
But fear not, there are some great products making the rounds this year that are guaranteed to please just about anybody, and knows the time to order it online if you want it posted and out to you to receive it  on time for Christmas in Muscat. Have I told you, I’ve done all mine, and they’re even all wrapped!

Sony’s Playstation VR headset
For gamers and film fanatics alike, it feels live we’ve been waiting an age for virtual reality but now, considering its immense popularity already, its only going to get better.  While there are a variety of VR devices now, if you really want a present that’s going to wow your family and friends its got to be the this playstation VR headset.  Its got top notch graphics, full functionality and its one of the most reliable products to hit the shelves.  And yes I’ve had a go at one, and I’m not even a gamer.

Star Wars Death Star Levitating Speaker
If that title didn’t grab you, you probably know someone that would have squealed like a fan girl.
Star Wars Rogue One has hit the cinemas and undoubtedly once more engulf the Star Wars viewers and in turn the merchandise.
However, you have to admit, this ones pretty cool and although it will set you back a tidy 180 gbp, its small enough to fit on a desk.  You just got to decide whether you want your mate blasting The Imperial March through that 5W bluetooth speaker everytime he comes into work.
Fitbit Charge 2
If you know someone who struggles to keep that get fit resolution, the fitbit charge 2 could be the perfect gift.
This super powered, comfortable smart watch has got everything from guided breathing sessions to multi sport tracking and connected GPS.  The heart rate tracker continuously runs to maximise workouts better track calorie burning and give a clear picture of your health.  So if you or someone you know needs that little push or helping hand this is definitely it.

Ninja coffee bar
A good way to start January is with some strong hard coffee.  We are all too familiar with the January blues, those foggy mornings and that awful feeling when you’re just wishing for an extra five minutes in bed.
But don’t worry the ninja coffee bar understands you.  There are multiple brewing modes on this gizmo and its designed to suit your personal tastes and style of beverage so is sure to satisfy any coffee lover in need of a pick me up in the new year.

Amazon Echo
The Amazon echo is one of the newest bits of gadgetry to hit the market but its already proving popular.
This personal assistant has it all from the latest news, traffic and weather reports, to keeping track of your schedules and even controlling lights switches and thermostats with compatible connected devices.
While the thought of a robotic device controlling everything might summon thoughts of Skynet for some of you, there’s no question that the Echo will certainly get you organised.
Or it might take over your life completely.