Chinese City in Duqm most ambitious project in MENA

Forbes magazine has described the recent agreement for the establishment of an industrial city in Duqm , which is estimated to have an investment of over $10 billion is among the most ambitious projects that China has invested in Asia and the Middle East And Africa.
The magazine noted in a recent report that the industrial city project includes construction, petrochemical projects, solar energy industries and small and medium-sized industries. Forbes said the new city, named after the ‘Chinese Industrial Corridor’ will transform the region into a vital centre for global trade and manufacturing.  In addition the city will be a source for job opportunities as there will be a need for 25,000 people.
Forbes said the vital location of the Duqm Economic Zone and its port on the Arabian Sea will make it a huge project that integrates with the Silk Road and serves transport and trade, as well as developing China’s ability to better connect Europe and Africa, in addition to securing their energy needs.