Chanting the song of hope and inspiration

Abdulaziz Al Jahdhami – –

Have you ever experienced the thrill of listening to a song in the early morning? A song which is inspiring as well as emotional. It is well-known that not all types of music and songs have the same impact on people’s feelings, of course. This one is very unique and unlike any other songs that people listen to whenever they like. It works better on emotions in the early hours of the day.
The one I’m referring to here and fond of is just a different song for sure. We have been singing it by heart since childhood. I started singing it at the age of six or even before. Let’s get the picture clear and solve the puzzle. This song is the National Anthem of Oman.
It is the song we all sing out of love for this beloved country and benevolent father, His Majesty Sultan Qaboos. As a matter of fact, it is a prayer rather than a song.
It is a prayer more than a song. Across the Sultanate, school students chant the National Anthem every day during the morning assembly at the school yard in front of the Omani flag. Almost every Omani child has been reciting it with prayers to the Almighty Allah to protect His Majesty.
Children in the kindergarten at the age of five start learning the National Anthem and they keep rehearsing it until they get into the first grade at school. We all learned the National Anthem by heart since early years.
Such an exciting everyday practice which we experienced during the school years is very unique and not common in many countries around the world. Just imagine how many school students chant the prayers every morning. It marks a unified prayer to Allah for protecting His Majesty and glorifying Him. Believe me, they pray with sincere spirit and emotions.
The Omani National anthem goes: “O Lord, protect for us our Majesty the Sultan, and the people in our land with honour and peace. May he live long, strong and supported. For Him we shall lay down our lives, O Oman, since the time of the Prophet, we are dedicated people amongst the noblest Arabs. Be happy Qaboos has come, glorified be his leadership. Be happy and receive him with your prayers”
While reciting the National Anthem with the heartening words and prayers, we get that distinct sense of pride for being Omani. We get that overwhelming feeling of inspiration and belonging to this beloved land. The words are very touching indeed; while reciting we feel deep down in our hearts the gratitude towards His Majesty our wise leader and benevolent father and the blessed country.
Before the recitation of the National Anthem every morning at school, the Omani flag is raised by the scouts. Afterward, students chant the prayers for the prosperity of Oman and long life to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos, May Allah Bless Him.
The national anthem is a kind of a hard song to sing sometimes; it’s a blend of heartening emotional feelings and prayers that touches the heart and mind. As we are getting old, we recall the old days at school when chanting the National Anthem and miss these moments of gratitude.
Today, our children are living the same moments of pride; nothing has changed as we are all taking turns in passing these moments of respect and love for the nation from one generation to another. Many people all over the world are missing such great moments.