Change your approach to fitness!

By Sayeh Woodman — Thoughts always turn to the gym at this time of year, but how do you make sure that it remains something that you continue and actually use? How often have we all signed up, determined to get fit this year and work off the extra weight gain — yep still banging on about the festive season!  It’s time to rethink your approach and make the health and fitness part of your lifestyle, and not a chore. Create a schedule that suits you. Set yourself a few days a week that you know you can make it to the gym or a class, and incorporate it into your timetable so it doesn’t interfere with your normal routine.
If you’re a morning person try going to the gym before work, or if evenings suit you take your gym kit with you to work and go to the gym on your way home so there’s no excuse. You’re far more likely to go to the gym if you don’t have to go home first, and especially if you have your kit with you, you will get used to the routine after a while, and it will become second nature.
Mix up your routine. New year is a great time to start but people can often drop out after a few months. Results and weight loss may happen quickly at first but when people reach a plateau and the change slows down, they often start to lose motivation. This is the time to
mix up your gym class routine to keep your body guessing and keep creating change.
Setting realistic targets are very important. Slow and steady wins the race. Often people push themselves too hard at the start, and they have good intentions, but do too much too soon, fatigue quickly and lose motivation. Which ultimately leads to giving up, and we don’t want that!
Be sensible with your diet. The key to success people think is exercise and though it’s important yes, vitally important, but what it boils down too, in order to shift weight and maintain a healthy body and lifestyle, is your food, what you consume day in, and day out. Diet needs to be incorporated into any fitness routine to achieve results.
We don’t need to starve ourselves to lose weight. Try cutting down on salt/sugar and look more at labels on the foods you eat — a small change can make a big difference. Try not to deprive yourself   being active and healthy is really important.
Change a long-term solution to improve our health and well-being.
Set goals but keep them long term, benefits to mind and remember it’s a continuous journey.
Go with it — you can do it!  Believe in yourself you won’t regret it and you will succeed!