Car window tint can’t exceed 30%

MUSCAT, Dec 5 – The tint in the car windows should not exceed 30 per cent, the Royal Oman Police (ROP) has said. Motorists who fail to comply with the rule will be booked, it warned. “Motorists have been advised to stick to the tint rule in view of the safety of passengers and security in a broader sense,” it said in a statement. According to the ROP, although tinting is allowed to reduce glare and help control temperature inside the vehicle, sun-cooling beyond the prescribed limit can pose a security problem.
“Increasing the glass tint beyond the permissible limit is an offence and they risk being fined. While tinting a car, attention should be paid to safety, not vanity.” “Tinting beyond the limit is one of the reasons for many accidents. It is because the driver’s vision is hampered by excessive darkness, leading to less control over the vehicle,” it said.
Studies have revealed the view through rear mirror too is affected because of the use of sun films.
Shops dealing in sun films said the loss of visibility depends on the product, their colour and the degree of shade used.
For Sulaiman al Jardani, a PDO employee, tinting is all about “keeping my car interiors cool and ensuring privacy, especially for women in family.” He, however, said one’s comfort shouldn’t be at the expense of others.