Capturing ‘Movement’ by studying the concept and medium

He is always inspired by the science of colour, texture, shape, form, line interaction and divine design. He has an acute fascination with movements of the world around him and has heart felt devotion to his art. Jawahar Chockkalingam find inspiration in everything he sees and experiences and his creativity were in full display last week at an exhibition held at Majlis Art Cafe, City Season’s Hotel Muscat.
The exhibition called ‘Movement’ carries the journey of movements and the concepts were executed in different mediums like soft pastel, Acrylic on board, acrylic on canvas, handmade prints, Oil on canvas.
Jawahar has displayed more than 30 art works in three categories such as drawing, print and painting. The exhibition was inaugurated on February 7, 2018 by Abul Hassan, The Honourable convener of Tamil wing, Indian Social Club Muscat.
Artist Jawahar shared, “It’s on every artist’s interest to search and execute his craft in the right medium and make sure that his concept cuts through. Here, I have researched the handmade print in reverse in order to achieve the print in multicolour effect with single colour to bring my concept.”
He completed his Masters Degree in Fine Arts (Ceramics, Sculpture and Painting) from University of Madras, INDIA. He has more than 20 years experience in teaching Fine Art in India including 17 years in Oman.
For the past four years, Jawahar has been working as a Ceramic Coordinator / Instructor with the Fine Arts Department, Scientific College of Design, Muscat, Oman.
He has received Awards, scholarships, research grants from Indian Central and State Government. He also took part in various Art events /Exhibitions in Muscat; also he received awards from Oman Government.