Capability should be criteria for election

We usually see zombies in movies. Such ‘creatures’ can be seen in real life too, especially in politics — in the running of State business, international relations, domestic policies, economic planning, etc. As their actions are likely to cause great human, diplomatic, economic damage, it calls for more wisdom on the part of those electing or appointing people — heads of state or top-level officials — in government positions.
Such politicians use their positions to accumulate wealth by enacting new laws and manipulating policies in connivance with the corrupt officials.
They form a coterie of corrupt officials around them for two reasons: to increase their wealth and secure it by having most of the State (or institution) officials as their “partners in corruption”.
These politicians do all they can to remain in power so that they can continue to accumulate wealth through their country’s resources as well as use their positions in exchange for money, at the cost of citizens.
They are always ready to exploit any situation there might be to make more money. Since they do not feel for their people, always denying them the means to a decent living, such politicians are “humans without a heart”.
They usually deal with a problem by creating other problems. They take impetuous decisions and have no qualms in challenging the whole world. They are always ready for a confrontation, even for trivial reasons.
They usually hide behind military might, resorting to threats and use of force. The administration by such politicians is marked by an absence of careful long-term planning. Their planning is only based on military power and weakness of other parties.
Such politicians are not concerned about the positive aspects of life — construction, cooperation, invention, progress, good relations — but rather about the negative ones, doing all they can to dash others’ hopes.
Rather than looking for friends and people to cooperate and make the planet a better place to live in, such leaders are more interested in making enemies. They always look for trouble, conspiracies and evil alliances.
They “do not feel life” unless there are enemies, conspiracies and weapons to destroy their enemies. If there are no enemies, they are ready to snap ties with their own friends and neighbours.
They love to destroy life, even their own. Therefore, it is not unreasonable to say these politicians “lack a true heart and a true mind”.
Such a situation, therefore, calls for the application of new measures before electing or selecting someone for a State position, whether running the state or one of its institutions.
Such measures can include tests assessing their mental as well as psychological conditions. The tests should also evaluate their thinking, problem-solving skills, integrity as well as their attitudes towards public property and public service.
Their eligibility for a public office should depend on whether they have offered initiatives and plans to improve aspects of life in their communities and whether they have provided voluntary public service.
The other tests should be designed to uncover the candidates’ attitudes towards people from other ethnic groups, religions, creed and colour, as well as the neighbouring countries.
Moreover, the eligibility for public office should also depend on having a clear plan for running an institution and developing its operations. In other words, the criteria for holding public office should go beyond getting votes or being able to manage a public institution, or even having a number of certificates.