Campaign against food waste begins

By Staff Reporter — SALALAH: April 17 – Students of College of Applied Sciences (CAS) Salalah launched an awareness campaign against wastage of food on Sunday under the title of ‘Towards preserving food’. The campaign focussed on families, community leaders, restaurant owners and government and private institutions to raise the issue. The campaign was launched by the Public Relations students of the college under the supervision of Dr Arafat Aal Jamil, senior faculty member of Mass Communication Department.
“Several activities have been planned for the campaign. On Wednesday, the students will invite six in-home restaurant owners to promote their products. The visitors drawn from different walks of life can purchase the products offered by the participating restaurants. The students will also put up their own stalls side by side and the whole proceed of this activity would be used for philanthropic purposes,” said Dr Arafat.
The campaign, according to him, is driven by twin purposes of teaching the students Public Relations practices in a practical manner and creating awareness in the society for a right cause. “In the campaign process the students get to know PR exercises, logos, slogans, etc and learn how to interact with their prospective clients when they hit the job market… the campaign holds importance as it aims to create a responsible society, taking care of those in need by telling others to use food prudently, don’t waste,” he said.
The campaign kick-started with formal ribbon cutting by Dr Zubeir Izaruku Dafalla, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs and Scientific Research. The PR students had beautifully decorated the campaign stall, which was looking distinct with golden sheets, a mural for palm stamp, a small photo exhibition and a corner of Arabian coffee and dessert for the guests. The campaign attracted other college students and a small competition was also organised to mark the event.
The students explained to the guests the overview about the campaign, its missions, goals, objectives and strategies. The students explained the story behind their inspiration to launch their campaign, and what they seek to achieve during and after the campaign ends. They also showcased the guests some photos, brochures, pamphlets and cards explaining the very purpose of the campaign.
On the closing day, prominent guest speakers will be invited to deliver talks. Shaikh Abdullah al Shahri, a well-known preacher, will deliver a lecture on the importance of food preservation from an Islamic perspective. Director of Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP) Dhofar will chair a discussion forum. The event will also incorporate two performances, one by the Theatre Club of CAS Salalah and another by schoolchildren. A documentary film will also be shown to highlight the ideals of campaign.