More citizens eligible for fuel subsidy

Muscat:  The Council of Ministers has issued a statement, expanding the base of the citizens eligible for fuel subsidies from the monthly salary of RO600 to RO950.

The Council of Ministers has entrusted the committee that follows up the developments in oil prices to make the necessary arrangements for the implementation of this resolution from August 1, 2018.

The National Subsidy System (NSS) includes some segments of Omani society in order to mitigate the consequences and effects of the liberalization of fuel prices.

NSS is aimed at supporting Omani Citizens benefit from the fuel subsidy that the Government of Oman offers. The Fuel Subsidy System is applicable to all Omani Citizens who meet the criteria set by the Government of Oman that include those who are above 18 years of age and Own a Vehicle or a Boat and who has a total Monthly Income not exceeding RO950.

The fuel subsidy is applicable for only M91.