Bounced cheques top criminal cases in 2017

The widely-reported crime in 2017 was of that cheque bounces, followed by narcotics and theft related. There were 4,714 cases of cheque bounces in 2017, there said the public prosecution on Wednesday.

The number of juvenile cases in declined from 1,090 in 2016 to 848 in 2017, representing a two per cent of the total cases received.

The number of cases registered by the Public Prosecution has dropped by 27.1 per cent to 27,686 in 2017 from 37,972 in 2016.

The Muscat Governorate registered the highest number of cases (23.2 per cent) with a total of 6,435 cases followed by Batinah (13.3 per cent) with 3,674 cases.

The number of cases dropped in all directorates except for Dakhiliya and Sharqiya East, which registered a slight of three percent and 1.7 per cent, respectively. The major change took place in the Dhofar as it saw a drop by 50 per cent in the total cases received.