Bold colours and floating frames: the latest sunglasses trends

While most people have a pair of go-to sunglasses, nothing refreshes a look quite like a pair of statement shades.
Sunglasses in 2017 should be big, lightweight and have a narrow frame. That is the advice of the KGS, an optical-industry body in Germany which promotes quality in eyeglasses. Here, we take a look what else is popular this season in the world of sunglasses.

GREEN: Green frames are in, in all different shades – from olive and lime to reed-green, emerald and avocado. The experts from the KGS advise checking sunglasses against your skin tone in the mirror, as the wrong shade of green can make your complexion appear pale or dull.

REFLECTIVE: Many sunglasses have reflective frames this season, and red and gold tones are the most popular. Gold mirrored lenses are also a big trend.

BEIGE: If bright green and sparkling gold are too adventurous for you, a more muted beige or off-white tone might be the right choice. The experts from the KGS advise those with lighter skin to go for a lighter shade of beige for their frames, perhaps a rose tone.

BOLD: Patterns, in particular animal prints, are a popular choice for frames right now.

COLOUR: It’s not just the frame that can be colourful – the lenses can, too. Many have colour gradients, with the majority starting darker at the top and becoming lighter at the bottom. The experts from the KGS explain that the darker colour protects the eyes from solar radiation, while the lower part, which is brighter, lets the customer see more.

FLOATING: More and more designers are making use of optical tricks. The latest trend is for lenses that look like they’re floating in the frame. This has a practical advantage too, as the extra slots provide more ventilation under the lenses.

GRAPHIC: Graphic prints, strong lines and a thick top bar are all characteristics of sunglasses in 2017. They give the face structure and create a bold impression. Flat lenses are another new trend this season, adding to your bold and sleek look.