Beware: Jaywalking can invite fine

979320By Kabeer Yousuf — MUSCAT: April 9 – Crossing a main road just near a pedestrian bridge will invite fine as the Royal Oman Police (ROP) will be intensifying measures to curb accidents involving pedestrians, according to a source at the ROP. Statistics indicate that although the number of road accidents have declined by 26.1 per cent, the number of pedestrians getting killed has risen last year, mostly due to ignorance of the jaywalkers or reluctance to use the pedestrian bridge just near them. “Jaywalkers who are victims of road accidents often are ignorant blue collar workers or those who are reluctant to use the pedestrian bridge just near them leading to accidents that turn up to be fatal for both the motorists and the pedestrians,” a source told the Observer.

Those who are found violating the rule can be fined RO 10, and repeated offence may lead to other legal actions, according to the source. The official said that several such reckless pedestrians were booked for the offence in the recent past despite the fact that scores of such bridges have been built across the country to safeguard pedestrians. “It might take some extra time and effort to climb up and down a pedestrian bridge, but remember it’s for your own safety,” the ROP reminds all pedestrians who are inclined to run across busy streets.