Batinah Expressway to get 6 fuel stations

April 28 – The Ministry of Housing will announce six new sites for the establishment of integrated gas stations on soon to be opened Al Batinah Expressway. The fuel stations to be set on either sides will come up at locations near Baraka, Saham and Liwa through a public bidding. The  facilities to be offered include a mosque, shopping, a shopping center, car service center and a restaurant among others.

The entire stretch of the Batinah Expressway will be open for traffic from May 7, the Ministry of Transport and Communications announced. The top ministry officials including the Minister of Transport and Communications reviewed the progress of work that is in its final stages on Tuesday.

Oman’s Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC) is undertaking the Batinah Expressway project in Al Batinah, Oman.

The project involves the construction of around 265km Expressway, one of the biggest road projects in the country that begins from the start of the Muscat Expressway road all the way to the Oman-UAE border of Khatmat Malaha.