Video: Batinah Expressway fully open for traffic

May 7 – With four lanes in each direction, the 270-km Batinah Expressway connects nine wilayats in three governorates, creating new economic and investment opportunities.
The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC) opened the Expressway Highway for traffic on Monday morning at 9am. Linking the land, sea and air ports and the industrial zones, the expressway will start from the end of the Muscat Highway in Halban.

The project involves the construction of 270km Expressway, one of the biggest road projects in the country that begins from the start of the Muscat Expressway road all the way to the Oman-UAE border of Khatmat Malaha.
The project was planned to be implemented in two phases with three sections and 11 packages.
The first six were main packages and the remaining five were of the interchanges.  The first and second section of the carriageway together accounted for a total length of 180 km (packages I, II, III, IV), while the third section covers a total length of 85 km (packages V & VI).