Barka II power and water desalination plant returns to service

Repairs on Oman’s Barka II power and water desalination plant has been completed ahead of schedule, and the affected unit has returned to service, SMN Power Holding SAOG said in its filing with the Muscat Securities Market.
The financial impact of the outage and repair work totalled around RO 700,000 and comes around three weeks after an inspection first revealed damage, Sachin Abhyankar, SMN Holding CEO said.
The Barka II water desalination plant offers reverse osmosis technology to deliver 120,000 cubic metres of potable water every day to Oman Water Transmission System, while its three gas and two steam-powered turbines provide 678-megawatt of electricity to the grid.
The damage was revealed during a borescopic inspection of the gas turbine on March 18 in which some damage on the turbine blades was noticed. The gas turbine was then opened to see the damage and the fact finding committee revealed that several gas turbine blades and vanes are damaged on stages 1 and 2, according to the company.