Bank Muscat honours top 3 Omanis in Red Bull Drift Final

MUSCAT: Bank Muscat in line with its ‘Let’s Do More’ vision and commitment to partnership in promoting Oman as a sporting nation, joined hands in honouring the three champion Omani winners, Haitham al Hadidi, Ali al Balushi and Tariq al Shihani, for winning the first three places at the Red Bull Car Park Drift Final 2016, hosted by Oman.
The honouring ceremony was held on Tuesday at the bank’s head office in the presence of AbdulRazak Ali Issa, Chief Executive, management team members and Sulaiman al Rawahi, Chairman, Oman Automobile Association.
AbdulRazak Ali Issa expressed his joy and pride in this great achievement and efforts of these young Omanis, congratulating them on winning this competition, facing strong competition of participants from different countries in the Middle East.
This was the first time Oman hosted the Red Bull Car Park Drift Final, where winners of the region’s greatest drifting series competed. Adventure motoring enthusiasts turned out in large numbers for the event held on the specially designed track at Port Sultan Qaboos. Management team members of the bank attended the event which was a day of pride for Oman drifting champions who shared honours in the gruelling event.
Aimed at promoting sporting activities in general and motor sports in particular in Oman, Bank Muscat supported as local partner of the Red Bull Car Park Drift Final 2016. As the nation’s leading banking partner, Bank Muscat attaches great importance to initiatives contributing to the country’s progress and development in all arenas, including sports, and encouraging youth activities.
Hosting the event symbolised a major stride redefining adventure sports in Oman and inspiring a new generation of Omani youth to take up adventure sports for leisure and as competitive sport. The event served as a shining example of how Oman is equipped to take up adventure sports and promote Oman as a sporting destination.
The Red Bull Car Park Drift Final was well received by motor sports enthusiasts in Oman. The event put the competitors’ skills to test as they deployed a high level of expertise and courage to push their engines and car bodies to the limits, while maintaining exceptional car handling skills, all at high speeds.
Adventure sports manifest a striking parallel to the bank’s ethos characterised by its determination to take on challenges and prove its capabilities.