Bad habits

Shared Thoughts – Nizar al Musalmy – – Every time I get an opportunity to sit down and talk to junior, my son and his sister, I make sure I put emphasis on bad habits and how they should be avoided. I do this because, with experience, I fully understand that If not dealt with, bad habits can easily swing open the doors to failure.
Normally failures are attributed to the way parents raise their children, the schools they go to, relatives, neighbours or friends they associate with. True, these can contribute to failure, but if you can still find someone to blame for your situation, then you are not about to change it! I have seen some people reach the extent of blaming Satan, but the truth is that so many people fail due to habits.
Habits like chewing on gums while on a job interview, being always late or being untidy. Think of a lady who lowers the screen of her Mercedes Benz and drops a mineral water bottle on the street. What about a man who is smartly dressed holding a small paper bag full of garbage and dropping it right in the middle of the road?
You might have seen expensive cars parked outside a small restaurant during lunch hours and wonder why. The reason is simply that such small restaurants happen to serve a lot of foods on plates. When it comes to food, it is quantity first and the rest follows. Because of their frequent visits to joints of fatty and junk foods, they get all the length of potbellies even if it means killing them.
There is a need to educate our youngsters on many habits that need to be avoided.  It is important to have the talks of oversleeping, overspending, over speeding, over eating, over thinking, lying, swearing, gossiping, being obsessed with smartphones, tossing clothes and other things on the floor Instead of putting them in their right place are good examples of life destructive forces.
Trying to stop bad habits is a big challenge for many people. They engage in their bad habits for a reason, and that reason does not just go away because the person chooses to stop his bad habits. While it’s easy to see why most things on the list would be considered bad habits, others such as going to the gym, visiting relatives and supporting a football team are perhaps not as threatening.  But it is high time to come forward and try as much as possible to overcome negative habits and develop success habits such as smartness, waking up early, prayers and on time, gratification, politeness, smiling, punctuality, and cleanliness and so on.
Much of what makes some people successful involves the cultivating of certain habits. Personal care with regard to diet, exercise and hygiene should come on the list of habits to follow. Having a positive attitude is one of the root causes of success.
The Bottom Line is that people will have habits — some are positive, some are not. Successful people tend to have more of the kinds of habits that contribute to their success. The good news is that for those who wish to be successful, is that cultivating positive habits takes no more effort than developing bad ones.