Avoid Eid shopping at last minute, says PACP

Muscat, Aug 12 – Ahead of the Eid, the Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP) has urged people to avoid last-minute shopping. “This is to avoid the soaring prices of items, crowding in markets and long queues at the cash counters,” said a PACP official. “Avoid spending on unnecessary items. Shopping without a prepared list can be disastrous. Regulate your spending,” the official said. Make a list before going shopping, say experts. “Avoid impulse buying, visit an Eid fair or festival, where items are cheaper and one could even bargain,” they said. Most tailors, for instance, refuse to take fresh orders a few weeks before the Eid. If they do accept the order, they would double the price. With no option left, the consumer would end up paying more.

Popular stores and designer boutiques launch their new and premier collections a month prior to the Eid. As the younger generation, including many girls, seeks new designs, it chooses to shop late so that it gets the latest designs. “This causes crowding at several stores,” said Amal, a shopper. She always prefers to finish her shopping weeks before the Eid. As for the clothes, immediately after Eid al Fitr, she and her sisters visit a tailor to get clothes stitched for Eid al Adha. “This gives the tailor ample time to stitch our clothes,” she added.

Mai al Abria