Auto agency in Oman fails to deliver on promise

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April 15 – A Court of First Instance in Ibri issued a judgment against two defendants for breaching the Article 20 of the Consumer Protection Law and its executive regulations. A fine of RO2,000 was imposed on the defendants.

As per the details available, a consumer filed a complaint against a car agency with whom he had an agreement to purchase a new 2016 model vehicle in line with an offer made by the company. He even made a payment of RO100 in advance.

As he completed all procedures to purchase the vehicle, the agency sold it to another customer and offered the complainant a different vehicle, which he refused.

The consumer failed to reach a settlement with the agency and lodged a compliant with the Public Authority for Consume protection (PACP) to initiate legal procedures in the matter.

The subject of the complaint was referred to the Public Prosecution, which in turn conducted the investigation. The complaint was referred to the competent court which issued the conviction with a fine of RO 2,000.
In case of an appeal, each of them paid a security guarantee of RO300.

PACP has urged on all dealers and agencies to stay away from any false or misleading advertising and advertising and provide the consumer with the correct information about the product or service provided to him.