Ash’shura committee for food, water security meets

MUSCAT: Hilal bin Said al Yahyaee, head of committee, chaired the food and water security committee of Majlis Ash’shura on Tuesday. The committee hosted Dr Ahmed bin Nasser al Bakri, Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries for Agriculture, officials at Oman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (OCCI) and representatives of the agricultural societies to discuss rationalising the export of green fodder and the development of Jabal Shams. The meeting also covered the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries’s plans and strategies for the agricultural development in Jabal Shams, the role of the ministry in providing support in planting winter fruits, marketing of the agricultural products and preparing plots for plantation at Jabal Shams. It also discussed the importance of encouraging investors to invest in Jabal Shams and in marketing farm agricultural products.