Family on ‘visit’ caught for begging, vehicle seized

Muscat: Following a report, the Department of Criminal Investigation led by the police in the Dhairah governorate seized a vehicle used by an Arab family for begging. 
As per the details, the accused stopped the vehicles driven by women and sought  financial assistance in a matter that created a sense of fear and also harassment.
It was revealed that the family was brought to Oman on a visit visa and the legal proceedings have been initiated against them. 
A meeting that discussed this issue recently said some people and the groups involved in begging take advantage of the liberal visa rules for tourist, short-term visits, residence and employment.
As per law, the penalties include imprisonment for a period not less than one month and not more than one year and a fine of not less than RO 50 and not more than RO 100 for begging in mosques, streets, public or private premises and shops.
The court may confiscate the money. If a convicted person continues to beg, he shall be imprisoned for a period of not less than six months and not more than two years. If a foreigner is involved in begging, he will be deported.
Law stipulates that he shall be imprisoned for a period not less than three months and not exceeding three years and a fine not less than RO 50 and not more than RO 100, or either of the two penalties.
The penalty will be doubled if the defendant is a guardian of a juvenile.