Anything made of chocolate is always good

965064By Mai Al Abria — Every time costumers leave her shop, Haitham’s last words are always the same: “This is wrapped with love and best wishes.”
These parting words are also beacon for them to come back which they often do as Haitham Al Abri’s shop is one of the top choices for buying presents in Oman. Al Abri, the founder and owner of “La Joie chocolate and flowers” shop, shared that when contemplating what business to put up, her mind zeroed in on a flower and chocolate shop as people in the Gulf region are the largest consumers of chocolate and flowers.
“Nothing takes us back to our childhood more than our favourite sugary treats and chocolate delights — the tastes of a bygone era send our imaginations running wild and instantly transports us down the memory lane,” she explained.
She added people have that distinct love and passion for chocolate.
“People buy flowers and chocolate for different occasions. After a thorough search, I came to know that Belgian chocolate is the finest kind ever so in 965063La Joie we only use this kind which makes us unique from others,” she explained.
At La Joie, which is located in al Khoudh, Muscat, they exhibit the most wonderful modern-fashioned chocolate for all its nostalgic customers to enjoy!
The chocolates are designed for different occasions like birthdays, mother’s day, women day, weddings, baby showers, etc.
“The final presentation of the gift is half of the job. We make sure that the gift is wrapped nicely and delivered with love and best wishes,” she shared.
As marketing tool, Al Abri said that social media do all the job these days.
“We advertised the shop through the social media by hiring the help of local celebrities and I was interviewed previously by Oman TV which helped us to get mileage,” she said.
Al Abri shared that their target market are women and children although she said that everyone qualifies as children as “we are children at heart.”
“Sweet shops should be all about fun. It’s a place for happiness. That is the real purpose of La Joie (French words which mean joy and happiness in English — to make sure that our customers are happy when they purchase from our shop,” she said.
965065“It’s always wonderful to see the joy in everyone’s faces, yes, even on adults,” she added.
The Sultanate is yet to see the best of La Joie.
Al Abri said, “My next target is to grow and expand by launching branches in different locations in the Sultanate. Later, I also would like to expand regionally in the Gulf and other countries. However, it is all about sustaining growth and production products with the same quality.”
Al Abri said she is aware of the challenges that her business will face as they expand.
“The many obstacles an entrepreneur face could be a reason for failure. This is a challenge many Omani youths are aware of and many of us surrender easily when faced with rejection or confronted by problem,” she said.
“I decided to consider these obstacles as a ladder to climb.  Being an entrepreneur always requires patience and this is my message to all youth — they must define their dreams and seek to realize them no matter what obstacles they face,” she added.