An online portal that simplifies access to medical information

Titash Chakraborty –

Medical tourism, the process of when resident of a country travels to other parts of the world to seek medical treatment and care, has become extremely popular in Oman. The reason for seeking medical attention and treatment usually varies and is on a case-to-case basis depending on what the patient needs.
Policy makers, researchers and the media are shifting their attention to this sudden rise in medical tourism.
Oman and India share a long history of trade relations. But beyond this, many locals and residents travel abroad, especially to India to access some of the best specialty and multi-specialty hospitals that are known for their quality and their affordability.
Sehat Oman, a bi-lingual online portal formed by Potential Advertising along with the support of Oman’s largest pharmacy — Muscat Pharmacy, was launched on October 9 to give the people in Oman a guide and easy access to vital information required for those seeking medical attention. Available in Arabic and English, the website provides comprehensive information on various medical treatments available at hospitals in various cities of India.
Launched simultaneous with a B2B conference for doctors who are visiting Oman for the ongoing Oman Health Conference and Exhibition at the Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre in Seeb, the portal was launched Wednesday at the Indian Embassy with Shri Indra Mani Pandey, the Indian ambassador to Oman, in attendance.
Milan Chatterjee, managing partner at Potential Advertising (PA) and the brain behind Sehat Oman shared that “The concept has been in the works for over 10 years, it just took time to compile the information and create and present an actually functioning portal”.
“Since we were already involved in making directories for other sectors in Oman, it was only natural to tap into this sector. We decided to create an online portal keeping in mind the current growth and dependence on the Internet making information more accessible to a larger audience and easy to use. It gives people direct access to all kinds of information that they seek with only a few clicks,” said PA’s Moumita Chatterjee, Digital & Social Media specialist.
The mission of the portal is to provide people with access to the three main categories or medical tourism – Specialty & multispecialty hospitals, Ayurveda centres and wellness spas. The website is organized in an efficient way allowing visitors to search hospitals via specialization, city or hospital. They also provide information like visa requirements, immigration information, mobile connectivity, airline information and medical insurance. With the support of Muscat Pharmacy who has links not only with hospitals within Oman but with those in India, they ensure that proper and quality guidance and supported is provided to those seeking help.
The launching was attended by over 150 people including prominent officials from the Ministry of Health, Treatment Abroad Committee of Diwan of Royal Court and various eminent representatives from both Indian and Omani hospitals, health and wellness institutions.