AMADEE18 isolation phase begins in South Oman

The AMADEE18 isolation phase has now officially begun in the desert of South Oman as the Austrian Space Forum (OeWF) in cooperation with the Oman National Steering Committee started the project.

The base for the project has been renamed Kepler Station in honor of the astronomer Johannes Kepler.

In a statement, OeWF said that the AMADEE-18 field-crew will conduct experiments in the fields of engineering, planetary surface operations, astrobiology, geophysics/geology and life sciences to pave the way for future human Mars missions. During today‘s press conference at the AMADEE-18 Mission Support Center in Innsbruck, Austria the Austrian Space Forum offered media representatives an insight into the Mars simulation and its objectives.

“This mission unites people from 20 nations and 16 institutions from 6 countries. Our six analog astronauts originate from five different countries.