Al Shumookh 2 gathers steam on second day

Muscat: The Sultanate’s war drill Al Shumookh 2 continued on Tuesday. Preparations for Omani-UK joint war drill Al Saif Al Sareea (Swift Sword 3) are also on. The exercises aims at ensuring war readiness of armed forces. Maj Gen Matar bin Salim al Balushi, Commander of the Royal Army of Omani (RAO), said that all brigades, formations and units of RAO have received special care from His Majesty Sultan Qaboos, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces. He noted that the modernisation plans continue to ensure better performance of armed forces.

Air Vice-Marshal Matar bin Ali al Obaidani, Commander of the Royal Air Force of Oman (RAFO) said, ‘’Within the context of care and attention accorded by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, the joint military exercise will be implemented in the coming days by the Sultan’s Armed Forces and the Royal British Forces. He noted that the exercise, whose planning continued for almost three years, will follow modern war principles.

Maj Gen Hamad bin Sulaiman al Hatmi, Assistant Inspector-General of Police and Customs for Operation, said that the participation of the Royal Oman Police (ROP) in the military exercises will help ROP to attain better coordination between police and military units. The second day of Al Shumookh 2 also saw a number of media professionals from various media organisations in the Sultanate at the exercise site along with their colleagues from the military media units. The Media Centre is the sole and official source of all information related to the two exercises. The centre will host a press conference on October 5 to give more information about Al Shumookh 2 and Al Saif Al Sareea 3 to national, regional and international media. — ONA