Al Lajal draws tourists with hot springs, green charm

957760By Yahya Al Salmani — MUSCAT: MARCH 18 – Al Lajal is a tiny village located in the Wilayat of Wadi Al Maawil, around 50 km from Muscat. The village is famous for its ancient castles and fortresses surrounded by the green oasis and high mountains. The village is also famous for its traditional irrigation system. There are around five falaj channel across its green oasis. The falaj water is strictly regulated by the village. Each local farmer has a specific time to share the falaj water and is controlled by a sundial clock. Moreover, there are around five hot water springs with temperature around 55 °C. These springs are visited frequently by a lot of Omanis and tourists to get relief from skin ailments and joint pain. The villagers cultivate papaya, banana, palms, mangoes, citrus fruits, grain and fodder for animals. The village suffers from a lack of tourist services. Locals are looking forward to develop the infrastructure of this village that will provide appropriate tourism services in the future.