Al Dakhiliya photo tilt awards students for impressive work

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Children can be trained to become good photographers and at the awarding ceremony of Young Photographer Contest, children with the best point of view were awarded at Nizwa Grand Mall recently.
Opened to all Grades 5 to 10 students from Al Dakhiliya, the contest was held under the patronage of Dr Khalifa al Saadi, the governor of Al Dakhiliya, through the coordination of the Majid Bin Khamis School located in Al Hamra.
Around 380 photos qualified for the competition with only six photos declared the winners. The winning photos were evaluated and selected by the Omani Society for Photography (OSP) which always support the talents of the youth.
The winners according to their place in the competition were Yusuf al Siyabi from Mazin Bin Ghadhooba School, Mohammed al Abri from Abi Said al Kudami School, Faisal al Khiyari from Abi Said al Kudami School, Majid al Hattali from Majid Bin Khamis School, Ameera al Ghafria from al Hawra School, and Riyham al Qarnia from Um Hani School.
The contest aimed to highlight teenagers with outstanding artistic talents and bring their work to a national audience. It also aimed to become a platform to engaged the students in a creative way and allow them to have influence to how people think about lifestyle, nature and portrait through photography.
Yusuf Al Abri, organizer and teacher in Majid Bin Khamis School, said that students who participated showed great potentials in the field of photography.
He shared that the contest has allow them to see photos that have splendid quality.
“All the students [who participated] are winners for their extraordinary ideas and effort. OSP has always shown support and by taking part in the selection process, [the winners were judged] according to the standards applied to under 15-year old participants.”
Al Abri added, “This is the sixth contest [we’ve organised] as we started holding it annually to encourage students to develop their skills and give them an incentive to continue.”