A wall of love for His Majesty Sultan Qaboos

Musannah, Nov 7 – A national art-on-the-wall event titled ‘Renew Loyalty’ was held as part of the 48th National Day in Wilayat Al Musannah port. It was organised by the ‘Our Musannah Art’ team. A total of 48 artists, both men and women, from Musannah expressed their love and loyalty to the country and its wise leader His Majesty Sultan Qaboos through their art works. The art comprised three sections. The first one saw calligraphists expressing their love on the National Day through words and quotes. The second part consisted of drawings and photography, in which His Majesty’s portrait and Omani khanjar were painted. The third part comprised drawing earthenware on the wall. Anwar Sonia, one of the artists, said: “We, as Omanis, feel proud to take part in such activities. Such gatherings give us a chance to exchange ideas with other artists and generate amazing works.” The head of ‘Our Musannah Art’ team Ahmed al Shabibi said the event is aimed at presenting something memorable to the country and its wise leader, and “express our loyalty and love”. “The artistic wall will be exhibited in major locations in Musannah,” he said.

Badriya Mohammed al Balushi