A sweet crop

984893BAHLA: The Wilayat of Bahla has been known for agriculture for a long time, nowadays the people still rely on cultivation as their main occupation benefiting from the modern farming machinery for cultivating and harvesting. Besides vegetables and fruits, the wilayat is also famous for growing best quality Omani sugarcane and red sugarcane which are used for a multitude of purposes.
At Al Ghashiba farm in Basiya village owned by Ahmed bin Hamad al Abri, the great attention given to the cultivation is quite noticeable. Ahmed and his sons are keen on applying the modern farming machinery both in cultivation and harvesting processes not only to achieve speedy accomplishment of agrarian processes but also to augment their production.
In an experiment which is considered to be the first-of-its-kind in the Sultanate and in a bid to keep pace with the latest developments in the agrarian field, the farm owner brought advanced farming machine from China which harvests the sugarcane in a remarkably seamless way while reducing dependence on manpower. The machine yields high-quality 984887sugarcane harvest extracting 95 per cent of syrup from sugarcane compared with only 60 per cent of sugarcane juice produced in the other sugarcane factories in the wilayat. Besides, the new machine uses steam for cooking the sugarcane juice of the highest quality and best standards.
To know more about the project, we met with Abdulbasit bin Ahmed al Abri. He told us that the farm has a long experience in cultivating various types of crops on a 60-acre area use for cultivating fruits, vegetables, wheat, palm, garlic, barley and sugarcane. The farm also uses modern irrigation systems and has witnessed experiments for cultivating many field crops in vast areas.
Investing in sugarcane cultivation began three years ago and the acreage is increasing every year. Last year we had five acres cultivated with sugarcane producing 14 tonnes of red sugarcane of the highest quality. Sugarcane cultivation is not an easy process as the whole area need to be submerged in water every five days during summer and every ten days during wintertime. The sugarcane stick should reach a height of three metres before being ready for harvest, al Abri said.