A pure wonder and oh so sweet!


Sounds lovely, does it not? “A pure wonder and oh so sweet!”
And so it is, in every aspect — the magic potion! Are you curious of what I’m talking about?
It beautifies the body, enhances the figure, controls the weight, has therapeutic, medicinal and healing qualities; and how?
‘Oh so sweetly’!
The influencing factor for my topic this week, over my Christmas eclectic selection, are the sore throats, coughs, and congestions that have overtaken every nook and cranny, with the seasonal change.
Just a quick update on Oman’s exceptional globally renowned honey, and tips to ensure that you are getting the best for your money’s worth.
1. While pouring pure honey, the thread never breaks — it goes on forever
2. Pure honey does not dissolve in liquid easily — it takes quite a bit of stirring and time to dissolve.
Apiculture and its powers have been known to our ancestors for millennia. Apiaries dot Oman, particularly prominent is Wadi Bani Awf in the Al Hajar Mountains.
This gift comes from the ‘nahlat’, Arabic name for the honey bee. Most popular are the “domesticated bees” [bees that can be reared in fabricated hollowed-out palm tree logs or, more recently, the modern ‘bee-hive boxes’].
The other being the “wild, tiny bees” [they live in rocky caves and mountain in the winter months and migrate to the flower gardens and farmlands during spring.
Oman is renowned for and harvests some of the best honey globally. Geographically, it is blessed with the perfect flora, fauna, mountainous altitudes, and climatic conditions. Prominent in popularity besides innumerable other varieties, for their exceptional powers and fine quality are ‘SUMAR’ honey, very deep brownish black in colour, and ‘SIDR’ honey, a lighter brown in colour. The finest being harvested during the months from March to May.

Back to our topic.
1. For that nagging cough spasm – dissolve a teaspoon of honey in fairly warm water, and sip when a coughing fit overtakes. Ideal for young children and adults alike. Its benefits? It works wonders for a coughing fit – magical for that night coughing spasm.
2. To soothe a sore, hurting throat? Mix till dissolved a teaspoon each of honey and extra virgin olive oil. Sip and feel its soothing and healing properties. Benefits: heals & soothes a sore throat & cough. It is an expectorant [thins the mucous in the bronchial/lungs – the thick phlegmy/snotty stuff that blocks your nose & causes your cough]. To be taken SOS
3. Congested lungs — Mix till dissolved a teaspoon each of honey, extra virgin olive oil, and fresh juice of lemon. Enjoy each delicious teaspoonful. Best taken on an empty stomach early morning. Follow up with a warm glass of lemon water 20 minutes later. [Benefits – besides the mentioned benefits, it relieves and heals hurting lungs; helps clear the Colon; mobilizes fat]
It has innumerable health-giving and rejuvenating properties. It helps to strengthen the immune system, regulate the digestive system, cleanse the blood vessels, improve the functioning of the liver, and to improve the complexion and reduce wrinkles [spread a teaspoon of the mixture over the face and neck, leave for 20 minutes, wash off with lukewarm water – I will leave you to admire your reflection!]
And so the list of benefits goes on in its never-ending magical properties. It also helps to slim, beautify, and heal the face and body.
Take number 3. For a month, and watch the magic unfurl. A firm toned body, beautiful skin, and that never-ending energy in a healthy body! Repeat whenever you require some ‘tender loving care’!

Dr Mary Ann is the director of marketing and development of Al Nahda Hotels and Resorts. She is a 2018 Middle East Women in Leadership Awardee specialising in holistic wellness. She pioneered the said industry in the country. Her clients include the who’s who of the region and the Sultanate.