A boss may not be a good leader

Abdulaziz Al Jahdhami –
aljahdhami22@gmail.com –

It is a common dream for many — to become boss someday. The dream comes true to some, while it remains a dream for many others. Like all other dreams in our life, it requires a lot of hard work, effort and sacrifice to achieve such a dream.
Not many people can have the honour of being called a boss. However, with authority comes responsibility — a fact which many are not aware of unfortunately.
Statements such as ‘Yes, boss’ and ‘Thank you, boss’ are the ones that please managers and inflame their feelings of pride and arrogance. However, many are not aware of the consequences and challenges behind the responsibility of being a boss.
To most of them, it is just a matter of getting the position and high salary. Then, they start pretending to be ‘men on a mission’ who talk nothing but business, but chasing their own dreams and interests.
Do you believe those kind of people deserve to be given this position? Does the word boss suit such people? Do you believe that they would be good leaders of their teams?
The main concern is that they are serving their personal interests and making their wishes come true. Responsibility will be the last point on their list of priorities. Unfortunately, this is what will happen as duty and responsibility will get priority based on their personal preferences.
How can such bosses — if they can be called so — be leaders? How will they be able to lead their teams who need guidance, advice and management. Most likely, they will be misleading their teams.
They will break the team, demoralising the colleagues. In such cases, employees have to play the role of a leader to their own bosses who cannot even lead themselves.
Unfortunately, several organisations today have similar examples of people employed as managers, directors or even in higher positions. Some of them are considered decision-makers whose decision, judgment or assessment can affect the business of an organisation.
Regardless of the nature or size of that business or organisation, what matters is that such people are like a harmful virus to the organisation and its staff alike.
Therefore, the more such people remain in an organisation, the more they can have a negative impact on the business. They could spoil the work environment, employees ‘relations, team spirit and the business reputation too.
Such useless bosses mean nothing to their employers, but an infected organ in the body that should be immediately removed to prevent the disease from spreading to other parts of the body. Ideally, this is the best solution to protect the safety and health of organisations with such bosses.
I am sure there are lots of issues that annoy employees every single day at work. It is not necessary that these issues are related to their bosses, but could be regarding work load, stressful environment, poor management and many others that should be given some attention.
Otherwise, employees will lose interest. It will definitely affect their performance and the overall productivity at work.
Dear bosses, just remember that a manager has no value without his colleagues who do almost everything to uplift the whole team. Being the boss is a big burden on you. It’s your responsibility to pave the way for your team instead of leading them in the wrong direction. What your team needs is some trust, transparency, proper guidance and inspiring teamwork.