Over 74,000 sign up for fuel subsidy

MUSCAT: The number of citizens who registered for fuel subsidy till 1 pm on Wednesday stood at 74,674 including 521 fishermen. Fuel cards were given to 9,243 through the different fuel stations selected by beneficiaries through the national subsidy website. The registered constitute about 20 per cent of the total number of those eligible to receive subsidy (about 376,000 as per the study on which the subsidy mechanism was based). Statistics show that men represent 87 per cent of the number of total registered and women represent 13 per cent. The employees topped the list of those registered followed by job seekers, retirees, students, housewives and entrepreneurs. The system is scheduled to come into force starting from January. Those who meet requirements to get subsidy may register at www.nss.gov.om.
They are required to fill the form and then receive the fuel subsidy card from their preferred petrol station. Then have to activate the card by following clear steps. To ensure proper registration, a call centre (24174000) is operational from 8 am to 5 pm round the week on the national fuel subsidy system. — ONA