7 people killed in Haima accident

Muscat: A collision between two vehicles near Haima in Al Wusta Governorate resulted in the death of seven people. Five others suffered injuries of various levels, ROP said in its statement.

A ROP official at Haima police station told the Observer that the accident happened at 5pm on Tuesday, and the victims included three women and four men.


The Ministry of Health in Al-Wusta later added that the emergency department at Haima hospital received at 5pm a report on the collision of four vehicles 8okm north of Haima.

A total of 14 people were injured and a team from the the Haima police station, PACDA medical team and the Royal Oman Army of Oman rushed to the site.

All the victims are from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and were transferred to the hospitals in Haima and Nizwa, said the Royal Oman Police (ROP) in its initial statement.