435 Omanis get placements at job fair

It was jobs galore at the Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex in Bausher as hundreds of job-seekers and their prospective employers gathered here on Wednesday.
“Qualified candidates from different streams of engineering attended the recruitment fair,” said a senior official from the Ministry of Manpower.
The three-day fair is being organised as part of the efforts by the ministry to provide jobs
for the national workforce in the private sector.
Out of a total of 775 job-seekers who attended the fair, 435 have been given job offers, while candidatures of 128 were not accepted by companies.
In all, 2,200 active job-seekers were called for interviews by the Public Authority of Manpower Register.
“The aim of the exhibition is to gather specialised job-seekers in the engineering field. The recruitment is being done in accordance with seniority of the job-seekers and availability of jobs for a number of vacancies in various private sector companies,” said Hamad bin Khamis al Amri, Under-Secretary at the Ministry of Manpower for Labour Affairs.

According to the ministry, 61 applicants did not accept offers for various reasons while 151 persons withdrew their applications.
More than 108 companies are taking part in the exhibition, which offers 1,694 job opportunities and has 2,200 job-seekers including those with university degrees, advanced diploma and higher diploma.
A senior human resource manager of a construction company said, “This is an opportunity for employers and industry heads to attend to recruit and promote their organisations to the future workforce. It is also an opportunity to support the national workforce to ensure their graduate skills meet the needs of industry.”
According to him, the presence of a large number candidates at the fair is a good indication that the local economy is improving as well.