37 injured as train derails in New York

NEW YORK: A Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) commuter train derailed at Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn, New York, at the height of Wednesday’s morning rush, injuring more than three dozen people and smashing glass on the platform, the media reported.
Fire officials said 37 people suffered non-life threatening injuries when the train ploughed into the terminal around 8.30 am (local time), reported ABC News.
Passengers described the train pulling into the station, followed by a crash and a loud boom, after which the train’s doors opened.
“I don’t know, all I remember is being on the floor,” one woman passenger who had been on the train said.
Several people complained of neck and back injuries. Some people were carried away on stretchers. Others were sitting outside the train holding ice packs to their heads.
Pictures on the social media showed the train tipped slightly at an angle on track 6. The platform also appeared to be smoky as emergency personnel flooded the scene.
“Passengers should expect delays in and out of the transit hub “due to an incident” at the terminal, tweeted the LIRR.
Delays were also reported on several subway lines. Aerial photos showed traffic at a virtual standstill outside the terminal amid a massive emergency presence. — IANS